A Photographic Jouney of a Sandhill Crane Family Adopting a Gosling and treating it like their own.

Against All Odds - Adopted

Written & Photographed by Dan Waltz


You all have heard about it, and have seen countless photos on social media. It made national headines and is possibly the first recorded case in history. Now it can be yours to treasure forever. "Against All Odds," a Photographic Journey inspired by this extraoridinary event that happened in the spring of 2019, at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan.


Against All Odds - Adopted by Dan Waltz


Against All Odds Specifications



A photographic journey with over 45 full color photos that tell the story of a

Sandhill Crane family adopting a Canada Goose and takes it in as their own.

As days turn into weeks and weeks into months this goose and “The Family”
eventually realize that he is not one of them. Because of such great care the goose

stays and learns the life of being a crane, but deep inside it was just a goose.

This story was inspired by an extraordinary event that took place at

Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan in 2019.

Follow along on this wild goose chase and see for yourself how one species can set aside all

differences and care for another, unconditionally. See how we as human beings can learn

and grow simply by observing nature.


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* "It's a wonderful book, with great pictures!!!" ~ Kathie Wind
* "Got mine, too & love it!" ~ Joan Rayl McCabe
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* "It’s so lovely to see the photographic journey of the gosling with the crane family.  It was a truly unique and extraordinary event as you saidhanks for capturing it and honoring the gosling with the crane family." ~ Kimberly A. Jarvis - Interim Western District Park Superintendent Kensington


Best Accolade of all:

* "That was really cool, Papa." ~ Hailey Martin


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