A Photographic Jouney: Snowy Owls - Visitors from the Arctic - A Rite of Passage

Snowy Owls: Visitors from the Arctic

A Photographic Journey


Written & Photography by Dan Waltz


Against All Odds - Adopted by Dan Waltz

Snowy Owls: Visitors from the Arctic Specifications
















When the winters in the Arctic get rough, and the Lemmings, their main
source of food becomes scarce, the younger, less experienced Snowy Owls
move south for better climate and an ample selection of food.
This Rite of Passage is sometimes known as the Great Snowy Owl Irruption.
Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas have known hot-spots that
I call “playgrounds,” where the young hone their hunting skills before
returning to their home in the Arctic. These beautiful creatures
are both mystical and mesmerizing to watch. I sincerely hope that
you enjoy second-hand, what I have had the great privilege to enjoy
somewhat up-close and personal.


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