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Dragon Fly, written by Dan Waltz

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In a land not so far away, and closer than one may think lives familiar friends, in familiar places, yet in a world so different from our own. It's a land where an average garden gnome may live a not so average life; where he may learn that tending gardens is by far NOT his greatest responsibility.


Charlie, a 15" garden gnome takes his responsibilities very seriously, so seriously, that it leads him on an adventure of a lifetime. This is a story of good versus evil, where good may not always prevail; a story filled with mystical creatures, living hand-in-hand with dwarves, elves, and warlocks. And, of course, no magical tale would be complete without a dragon or two, as well. This is a story of heart, a story of wonder, and a story you'll want to pass on to generations to come.



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Dear Reader of Dragon Fly

D.W. Publishing is proud to present Dragon•Fly, A Gnome's Great Adventure. A full-length, illustrated, fantasy novel by author & artist, Dan Waltz. The novel contains more than 75 illustrations and reads similar to something from C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien, "But a whole lot different," says Waltz. "There really isn't another story like it, but if you enjoy fantasy stories, such as The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, or even Harry Potter, then you're sure to appreciate this one!" There is something to enjoy for everyone, according to the raving reviews that the book has already received...Geared for ages 9 and up!

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5.0 out of 5 stars

A great read for kids!
Review By J. Paul
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

This story is about a garden gnome who ultimately has an adventure of his life time.
Sometimes I wish I had their secret power to... (I don't want to give any spoilers)


The characters in this story come alive and make you smile in awe and wonderment.

I remember thinking 'I never thought of that before' on several occasions. I read portions

of this book to my 11 year-old son and he seemed to enjoy the sense of adventure this

story brings. He loved the authors version of the Dragon-Fly, and so did I for that matter.


Throughout this story there is a theme of always helping others. It fits well with the

overall structure and creativity of the book. In the beginning some of the word

phrases seem intentionally written for the young reader but that faded away as

the story went on.


I read this on my Kindle and everything looked great. I rather enjoyed the many

illustration found throughout the book. More kids should have access to Kindles

so they can read inspiring stories like this one.




Barbara Szijarto, "QueenGnome G9"
President of the World Wide Gnome Association

"I read this 348 page book and found it to be an entertaining book with some

twists on concrete gnomes. It is written to appeal to both teenagers and adults.

It has a bit of a Lord of the Rings theme and contains adventures similar to those

contained in the famous Hobbit adventures. Ever wonder about dragonflies? This story book will certainly provide you with some new insight on their ancestry! I Must admit, I enjoyed the book and your twist on how concrete gnomes manage to "come alive." I'm sure that it will appeal to the younger generation of readers (and some of us older folks too). I highly recommend this as a wonderful gift!"


"DRAGON•FLY has given new meaning to a routine trip to my garden. I will now become an 'imaginer' whenever I sally forth into my vegetable patch and will see it with new eyes and an altered point of view. Picking the peas and shooing away the varmints will become an adventure instead of a chore. I am usually not a big reader of fantasy literature, but I found this story engaging and fun. The adolescent crowd should take great glee in the macabre scenes, green neon slime blood…gross, but they will love it." ~ Joyce Staley, Retired Educator


"When I was given Dan's book to read, I felt truly special. When I saw that it was about gnomes, it brought back many pleasant memories of my father and his little concrete gnome in the yard. As I read the book, I marveled at Dan's imagination, and must confess, wondered about his childhood...I enjoyed the book from beginning to end." ~ Kathleen Jernigan, Public Library Board/Retired school employee


"This is a great book for all who love adventures. It is a magical tale of friendships and caring, of rescue and survival. Even though the characters are mystical, the moral of the story can apply in today's communities, with today's people. This is a timeless story that will last from generation to generation." ~ Sue Graham, Township Public Librarian


"I really enjoyed reading this delightful, mystical story. You'll fall in love with these unique characters. Dan, you are such a gifted young man. May God continue to bless you."~ Beverly Kolhoff Ferguson, Educator


"DRAGON•FLY is a colorful, imaginative and entertaining tale of fantasy and adventure. It's a fun story, and readers of all ages will find something to enjoy." ~ Tony Root, Design Editor


"I enjoyed this exciting adventure into another mythical world. The adventure and excitement kept me reading and wanting more. I loved the character of Charlie who selflessly risked his life to save others. If only we all had someone like that in our lives." ~ Chantal Lannning, Educator


"A WONDERFULLY crafted tale. An adventure for all ages. I will never look at a garden gnome the same way again. I hope Dan takes us on many more of his 'vacations'." ~ Lesley Vilders, Avid Reader


"What a great story! Once I got started I couldn't put it down. I finished it in just one day." ~ Danielle Burns, Avid Reader


"The book DRAGON•FLY by Dan Waltz provides the reader with powerful imagery….. riveting action…..explicit word choice…..characters that leap from the page as well as a strong, clear message about our world that shouldn't be ignored." ~ Kacey Lacey, Educator


"A very imaginative tale, that will manage to capture and entertain the younger reader, yet appeal to all. A story filled with courage, sacrifice, teamwork and love." ~ Kim Amthor, Artist & Academic Coach

- - -

"Gotta tell you about Dan's book. I left it on the coffee table and my friend Sam has picked it up and is reading it with real enjoyment, and Sam is not a huge reader. Dan's not just writing for the kids, a seventy four year old geezer is reading and commenting on what a good imagination Dan has. I thought that was a real compliment coming from someone whose favorite free time activity is ESPN and any program where a tossed around ball of any size or shape is a total preoccupation!" ~ Sophie J., Retired Educator

"I have my sixteen year old granddaughter here with me all week. I showed her your new book about the Gnomes (Dragon Fly) and she started reading it and loves the book. She wants me to get her the 'Kornstalkers' now too. She goes up to her room each night and reads and loves the book. Dan you made a big hit for a 16 year old. " ~ Sandy Angel


"Hi Dan. Brianna thinks your Dragonfly book is amazing and a very good read. She says it's one of the best books she's ever read. Almost finished with it. We hope to see you author a new book in 2011" ~ Doreen Crissey Wybranowski


A letter from Mom...

"Hi Dan, I was sitting in the hospital waiting room this morning, while Dad was in doing his stress test, when a little gal and her mom started talking to me. She was about 11 or 12, I think. Anyway, they said they lived in St. Helen. I asked her how she was enjoying her spring break. She said she'd been reading this 'really cool book' about gnomes. I asked her if she liked gnomes and she said she really hadn't even thought about them until she started reading the book. I told her that 'my son' writes books and she asked your name. I told her, Dan Waltz, and she started laughing. She said, 'that's who wrote the book I'm reading.' (Odd that a young person would remember an author's name.) I asked her if she was reading, DRAGON*FLY and she started laughing again and was soooooo excited that she was meeting the mother of the writer. Seems her friend, Cody, bought the book for her from the Dawg House. ANYWAY, she asked if I could take her book to you to have you write something in it for her. I told her to leave it with the librarian and I'd pick it up and have you do that. I feel bad that I didn't even get her name but I will, somehow. I feel bad, too, because the DAWG HOUSE closed their doors this past Tuesday, for lack of enough business. They did good selling the books for us. That little gal said she'd like to get Kornstalkers, so I'll find out who she is and see her again. By the way, Dad made it through the stress test just fine."




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