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With over 20 years experience as "Lead Designer" for three of the largest Woodcraft Pattern companies, Dan has desided to branch off with of his own unique woodcraft designs and offer them directly to you the Woodworker. There is only a few right now, but be assured, it won't be long and there will be many more. Eventually there will be something here for everyone. Bookmark this page and check back often. Happy woodcrafting :)


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Open Air Birdfeeder

Lg Open-Air Bird feeder

Watch birds with less obstruction. Super easy to fill and clean!

Size: 29" tall

Pattern #1001 only ...$14.95

Open Air Birdfeeder

Sm Open-Air Bird Feeder

Birds can see in all directions and watch for preditors as they feed.

Size: 16" tall

Pattern #1002 only ...$12.95

Open Air Birdfeeder

Open Air Bird Feeder Set

Open Air design means more birds to the feeder. More to see and love.

Set includes Patterns #1001& #1002

Pattern Set #1002-S only $24.95


















Open Air Birdfeeder

Zombie 1 Yard Art Pattern

This zombie is sure to be a huge hit in your neighborhood this Halloween season. This pattern will guide you through from start to finish. Size: 60" tall

Pattern #1003 only ...$13.95






















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