See how the Morel painting is done from start-to-finish with Dan Waltz.

How to paint a Morel Mushroom Demo by Artist Dan Waltz

Have you ever wondered how a painting is done? Are you a budding artist looking for tips? Look no further.






Sometimes it starts with a photo or a series of photos, sometimes, like in this case, it starts with just a sketch.

I know from the start that things will change, but this sketch is a good starting point. In fact I only be transfeed

a few lines along with the mushroom. There will be a lot of adlibbing in this one.


Starting with some light washes in the background.



Not looking like a whole lot yet....


Just having some fun with this one. That's what it's all about, right?


Alright, it's starting to look like something.


Working on the midground bark and solften the background a bit with the airbrush to push it back farther.

Once the forground is in it will appear even farther yet.


I continue to move into the forground roughing in shapes with watercolor.

Notice how much depth the painting is starting to get.


All roughed in. Now for the details.


Adding more details. A lot more to go...


Just working out the details... More later.

























The Final Painting! I hope you ejoyed the progress.
Happy Morel Hunting!


Original Watercolor Image size 6" x 8"
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Robin Painting by Dan Waltz


Morel Tissue Box.... $16.50


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