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How to paint a Shack Demo by Artist Dan Waltz

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As you can see in this step I started roughing the tress in with just small squiggly lines

of multiple colors, but mostly brown and paynes grey. I will continue to do this for

awhile yet until I achive the look I'm looking for. Keeping the edges darker than the

middle of the trunks to keep them looking round. I will start adding the smaller branches

once the larger trunks are done, because some overlap the trunks and will shadow the trunk even more.


Bark, bark and more bark. More bark to go....Don't worry, all bark no bite :) More later.....


The large part of the trees are now roughed in and I started adding a little more shadowing

to the shack. More shadowing is needed before I can start painting the smaller branches in front of the shack.

I will probably start roughing in the middle ground, the darker weeds while working more on the shack.

I'm really starting to like the mood, what do you think?


Roughing in the mid-weeds with a liner brush.


Still roughing in the mid-weeds with a liner brush. I also had to darken the forground a little more

so the weeds can lay across the dark earth. If the weeds apear a brighter than they should,

than your are seeing it correctly. After they are completely roughed in I will then tone the

weeds down so that the foreground weeds will have enough contrast over top of them.


The mid-weeds are now painted in and toned down wih the airbrush a bit. I also added a little

more shadowing on the shack while I was toning the weeds down. Now its time to start roughing

in the smaller tree branches as well as work more and more on the shack as I go along.

I see I lost some of the black detail under the roof line when I added more of a shadow.

I will add that back in. The forground weeds will be added once I'm sure that the shack is almost complete.


As you can see by the photo above I started roughing the tree branches in. Most of which are

just dead dangling branches and linbs that had fallen to the roof top. I'm roughing them in with

white paint in the dark areas and paynes grey in the lighter areas just so I can see the layout clearer.

I will go back into each branch adding details and tone them down to fit the scene later. A lot more branches to go....


Adding more branches.


Toned down some of the branches and started roughing in the forground weeds.

Here is when the painting starts to get it's depth.


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