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How to paint a Shack Demo by Artist Dan Waltz

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Toned down some of the branches and started roughing in the forground weeds. Here is when the painting starts to get it's depth.


Foreground weeds are now roughed in. At this point I have a lot of options. Continue roughing in the entire painting with the sign, birds and fence or continue working on the weeds in the forground and more details to the branches. Having the entire painting roughed in at this point would be nice though. Decisions, decisions.....


Well just about everything but a few branches and a couple of weeds are now roughed in. The crows especialy are very, very rough, pretty much for possition only, so I know where I can bring branches in closer to the birds. This is probably the last step that you will see for a few days, because this is where the fun begins. Now is time to finish what I have started and add all the pretty little details that I like to see in a paintings. It's time to finish the birds, add the highlights, drop in the shadows, add more branches, weeds and did I mention the details........

Finished Painting

Well here it is. The final painting. It robbed me of many days and even a few nights sleep, but was worth every minute painting it, and I couldn't ask for a better results. You finally get to see it nice and clear and true colors (depending on your montor), truer than before anyway. This is the acual scanned digital file instead of the quick photos used in the steps. I believe that there's a story behind this shack and I can't wait to write it.



Thanks everyone for following my progress. I hope you enjoyed the painting blog and I do hope that it has inspired at least one of you to use your imagination in whatever you enjoy doing. Until next time.


Keep your brushes sharp!


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