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Kornstalkers, Corn Maze Massacre, written by Dan Waltz

The first book in the "Chilled to the Bone" chapter book series for kids.



Kornstalkers by Dan Waltz



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Back Cover Synopsis:

"What happens when you mix Halloween with a haunted barn, a haunted corn maze, a scarecrow, demons, a prison break, and a serial killer?"

A thrilling mystery you just have to read!

"'Kornstalkers' a vivid and entertaining tale of haunted Halloween mayhem in a rural Michigan town. A beginning of what promises to be
a hair-raising series of terrifying tales." ~ Tony Root, Editor of The Roscommon County Herald-News




"Kornstalkers; Corn Maze Massacre!"


A note from my mother....."a little girl came up to me with her grandma and said, 'I read your son's book, Kornstalkers and got an A on my book report.' Each morning, Taryan read the book on her way to school. Her grandma thought it was a bit gory for the girl's age but she said her granddaughter wanted to read every bit." :)

It is a scary book for a 4th grade girl, but she liked it enough to get an A on her report. :)

Thanks Taryan (4th grader), I'm glad you liked the book. Congrats on the A on your book report.


Dear Dan,
I loved your KornStalkers book! I had so much trouble setting it down that when my Mom called for dinner, I missed it! it was a definite page-turner. It was filled with great description and suspense. I can't wait for your next one!
Anna, age 11, creator of bestseller in the making, One Secret Can Make A Difference


Dear Dan,

"This is Zack from Attica, the kid you had read your Kornstalkers book , then tell you how it was. Well, it was awsome, I had my aunt read it and she had Nightmares. That was the best book I have ever read. I can't wait to read your next book. Next year I want to make a movie about your book. I hope you come and tell us about the next book at Zemmer."
Your friend,
Zack Graham


Dear Dan Waltz,
"My name is Hanna Weber, I am 10 years old, and I am starting the 5th grade this fall. I am in the process of finishing your book, "Kornstalkers", and I am starting to understand the story. I like how exciting and scary the book is. Its a real page turner and I have not been able to put the book down since I started it! I am a huge fan of horror movies and stories, so that is why I chose your book in the first place. It was a priviledge to meet you because I was able to get your autograph in my book while I was at the Oscoda Fair and I will cherish it forever."
Your fan,


Hanna Weber

My name is Elizabeth, I saw you Saturday at the Woods and Water Show. I bought Kornstalkers there. I started to read it on my way home and I couldn't put it down. The first thing I did when I got home was read the whole rest of the book and now it must be one of my favorites! I love scary stories and can't wait to read the next book in the series."


"CREATIVE!, SUSPENSEFUL!, and ENJOYABLE! Keeps the reader on the edge of their seat."
Brandy McAvoy, Student


"I just read your book "Kornstalkers" it was AWESOME! When I went to sleep that night everytime I heard a sound I sat up in bed. Definitely the scariest book I've ever read."
Andy, 8th grader
Fenton, MI


"I am also a writer and Dan's dedication and accomplishments give me great inspiration. The book was GREAT! I hated putting it down. Working alone at times, it left me a bit spooked and looking over my shoulder. Good job Dan! Can't wait to see the next one!"
Clarisa Johnson, Author of an upcoming novel "Phantom of her Opera"


"What a wonderfully suspenseful story! I really enjoyed the setting of your story and I didn't miss your reference to Stan Perkins - it made me smile. Your book is definitely a hide under the covers read! Can't wait to read the next one....."
Danielle Burns, GMSPO


"If you like scary stories do yourself a favor and buy this book. When I was a kid I thought it was fun to play in corn fields but after reading this book I think I will stay away. It was a page turner - I read it straight through in one sitting. If you like to be scared I highly recommend this book."
Sue Graham, Librarian
Richfield Township Library


"Your presentation was certainly praiseworthy! It was perfect for middle school kids, because you talked about the importance of following your dreams and how much you enjoy your job; Furthermore, you also focused on the importance of diversifying yourself. Your art work was magnificent! Furthermore, my daughter read your book (Kornstalkers) and really enjoyed it. The book truely came alive for her. We went to the video store on Friday, when she was about 3/4 of the way through the book, and she was affraid to go outside in the dark. We were all laughing; it was so funny! I really enjoyed your visit."
Stacey LeSage-Slaga, Teacher
Grand Blanc Middle School


"The story was great! You are very talented. I can not wait to read the next. My niece loved it too."
Val Hempsall , Child & Family Social Worker


Corn Maze Massacre Book!
"Hey this is Spencer from the St Helen library. I read your book the "Kornstalkers; Corn Maze Massacre". I really liked it. I liked the part when the killer put the chain back on the chainsaw. My friend read it and he liked it too. He liked how their was so much gore. He liked the part when the killer threw the meat cleaver and hit the kid in the head."
St. Helen, MI


Kornstalkers! Corn Maze Massacre #1 "Chilled To The Bone"
"I GOT MY HANDS ON A BOOK! A SIGNED ONE AT THAT! (Money well spent!) I THINK IT'S A GREAT STORY! Consistently unpredictable throughout (a definite plus!) , loved the suspense! "
Conni Beardsley
Fenton, MI


Dear Dan Waltz,
"I really liked your book.  I liked it because it was scary.  I like scary books a lot.  My favorite parts were when Mean Bob Cleaver broke out of cellar and when Grandpa found the dead animals in the field.  Are you going to write more Kornstalkers books?  I hope you do.  I will read them all.  Write back."
Your Fan,
Evan Kornacki


"My new faviorte book : Kornstalkers by. Dan Waltz"
David Frank Hoover
Dundee, MI



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