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Press Release! 9/23/19
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Against All Odds - Adopted


A Sandhill Crane family adopts a Canada Goose and takes him in as their own. As days turn

into weeks and weeks into months this goose and “The Family” eventually realize that he is

not one of them. Because of such great care the goose stays and learns the life of being a crane,
but deep inside he was just a goose. This story was inspired by an extraordinary event that

took place at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan in 2019.

Follow along on this wild goose chase and see for yourself how one species can set aside all

differences and care for another, unconditionally. See how we as human beings can learn

and grow simply by observing nature.


Field Of Screams by Dan Waltz

Against All Odds - Adopted

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A Photographic Journey

Sandhill Crane adopts Gosling


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